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Rules for Safer Computing


  • If you have children, any age, never put a PC in a private place.  Remember, the Internet is NOT a perfectly safe place for your children to “play.”  Always place the PC out in the open where it is less of a temptation for older kids to go where they shouldn’t and where you can supervise your younger children.
  • Also, remember, there are all types of crooks patrolling the Internet looking for ways to trick you into providing personal information about yourself so they can “mug” you electronically or lure your children to a meeting!
  • Never download anything free on the Internet without first emailing us to make sure it is legitimate.  Chances are it is not safe unless it is from a huge company with a good reputation, i.e. Disney, ABC, CNN etc.!  There are thousands of illegitimate programs that you get when you download so-called “free” stuff.  They take control of your PC and can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair!  So, in the end, it wasn’t really free.
  • Never download smiley faces or free screensavers!  Yes, they are cute, but insidious!  Never download Weather Bug.  If you want weather displayed call us.
  • Never open any attachments whatsoever without first calling the person who sent it to you to make sure they really did send it.  There are crooks out there who can take over your momma’s computer  and make it look like she sent you come cute pictures, when in reality she not only didn’t send them, she doesn’t even know her computer is sending them out.  (Think of Little Red Riding Hood!)
  • Never open an “e-card” from a “secret admirer.” This will likely be a piece of software that will steal all your login names and passwords.
  • Never accept files via Instant Messenger of any sort: AIM, MSN Messenger, etc.
  • Financial Institutions will never ask you to verify your account information via email.  So if you receive email asking you to verify your account information, including your password and SS number, DON’T DO IT!
  • Always remember, the person on the other end of a chat session or instant message may not be who they pretend to be.
  • Make sure you have good Anti-virus software running and set correctly.  You must keep it updated daily.  And turn on real-time protection.
  •  Make sure you have good Anti-Spyware software running and set correctly.  You must keep it updated daily.  And turn on real-time protection.
  • Make sure you have your computer set correctly to keep your operating system updated.
  • If you are on Windows XP and have not loaded Service Pack 2, do so today!
  • Do NOT load any search assisting software at all.


If you aren’t sure about any of this, please give us a call 270-570-3611.  Or if you like, we can perform a safety audit for you and make recommendations.


September 2006



3 thoughts on “The Computer Guys Rules for Safer Computing

  1. Hello There; I’ve been going over you material & found a place that applys to me.  That would be the smileys that i’ve downloaded, just how much trouble am i in, if any. Also i have three styles of spyware installed in my computer.  So far they have’nt notified me of wrong doings, what shall i do?  Thank You, for your support!

  2. Hello Again; in my previous post i forgot to mention, if Christ be for us, who than can stand against us?  In freference to the smileys i downloaded.

  3. I cannot say that all smileys are bad, but in general anything you download "for free" isn’t really free.  It frequently has spyware that you agree to download in exchange for the "free" stuff.  If you are running three different types of Anti-Spyware you should have plenty of protection UNLESS none of the packages have real time monitoring.  In a case like this perhaps it would be best to have direct correspondence rather than posting comments here.  (Although I do wish more readers would post comments here rather than sending email to me.)  But, yours is a specific issue that may need more thorough discussion than normally found on blogs.  I’ll send you a private note.
    Thanks for reading and posting! 

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