If you are similar to me you cannot remember all the words to all the Christmas Carols. 
Well have no fear The Computer Guys is here!  For the lyrics to 61 Christmas Carols you need to visit Christmas-Carols.net.  There you’ll find the words and in most cases the sound for some of the most beloved Christmas Carols you’ve ever heard.  And, it is FREE!
You can copy and paste the lyrics into your word processor and then print them out for the whole family to enjoy on Christmas Day.
(AOL users and others with security settings that block "active links" you’ll need to copy and past the following into your browser:  http://www.christmas-carols.net/
I also have captured the lyrics in Word format and Adobe format.  If you would like the lyrics to all of these to save on your PC, just send a request to us.  In the subject line, but Christmas Carols.  Then in the body of your msg, tell us which format you prefer. (We recommend Adobe.)
You might also enjoy http://www.pandora.com/ where you can key in the name of virtually any song and then listen to it.  It’s pretty cool!