10/18/06—We have become aware of a bogus spam e-mail claiming to be from FBI Director Robert Mueller III. This scam appears to be a typical Nigerian scam; however, the attempt to defraud victims comes in two separate e-mails. The same e-mail address is used to deliver both phases of the spam.

The first e-mail claims to be from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III. It advises recipients that they are the beneficiary of a large sum of money and that they can claim the money by providing an FBI Identification Record and a Certificate of Ownership. To make the message look more legitimate, information is pasted in the e-mail from the FBI.gov web site defining what an Identification Record is and how to obtain it from the Criminal Justice Information Services Division.


For more on this story go to:  http://www.fbi.gov/cyberinvest/escams.htm