My wife will tell you I am not a shopper.  I am a hunter!  Tell me what it is we’re after and I’m on it.  But don’t ask me just to "browse."
Well, yesterday I had a "shopping experience" to remember!  The "game" we were after…a black suit. However, we ended up "bagging some game" that wasn’t on our list.  Really it was a fabulous experience and I would recommend to any guy who doesn’t like to shop but needs to get some new threads, to go see Don Comar at The Men’s Wearhouse in Evansville.  (Yes, it is spelled Wearhouse, not warehouse.)
Anyway, I knew we were in for a treat as soon as I walked in the door. And, if you’ve never been to a Men’s Wearhouse you cannot know what I mean by this until you experience it.
The staff greats you, but doesn’t pounce on you.  They work together as a team.  Your consultant has a staff of 1-2 assistants who help him/her help you with your measurements and selection of styles and colors.  Additionally, they are busy finding various accessories that go with the suit or other items you are looking for and do a great job of color/style coordination while your consultant is helping you try on the various items you’ve picked out.
In the middle of the store are a couple of table where they spread before you the items that have been selected for your consideration.  What a feast is spread!
Overall, they really are very helpful.  Yes, they do help you spend more money than you had planned, but there is no high pressure sales pitch.  It is truly an effort to help you get the most value for your dollars and perhaps end up with several combinations of items that can coordinate very well.  And, let’s face it guys, most of us are "challenged" when it comes to fashion coordination.  That reminds me, I need to find my Hawaiian shirt! 
Go see, call (812) 473-0634 or email Don at the Men’s Wearhouse.
Dennis "Fashion Conscious" Wilson