Today was kind of a bust, well except for the note about the costume later.
My allergies got worse so we went to an "island doctor."  Actually, this is a real medical doctor with an office on the next island.  Fortunately, we were in and out in 1 hour and 20 minutes!  Not bad considering I was from out-of-state and would likely never be back.
They put me on steroids and I am already feeling much better!
After that little delay we headed on into Savannah to go to the Savannah Mall and any other shops that caught our attention.
We found a cute little costume for our grandson Will.  It is a lizard, which for those of you who know Chris and Beth, you’ll know this is perfect!  If you’ve never been to One Fish Two Fish or Pick-A-Pet, you really should visit soon.  You’ll understand the lizard costume better.  (Pick-A-Pet is at 1925 Frederica St in Owensboro.)
We ate supper at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House tonight.  This is probably where we would recommend more than just about any other place we’ve eaten.
We took a moonlight stroll on the beach and tried to get some pics.  My camera just isn’t advanced enough to do that.  Hmmm, note to self, get an upgraded camera!
We’re thinking of turning in early tonight.  We’re going to do sight-seeing tomorrow in lieu of shopping!  Yeah! 
More tomorrow.
Good night.

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