Important Update!
The Computer Guys LLC has just recently re-furbished our web site and invite you to take a peak.
What’s new about it?  Well to be quite frank a lot of the updates are cosmetic.  But… one very important change is that we are now offering a better more reliable way to provide remote support.
If you want to go directly to the page with our Support Link simply click on the words "Support Link" here or type the follwing into your browser:
If you do visit that page, and want to see how the remote support option works, please call us prior to clicking on that link.  Why?  We have to know you are requesting support before you click it so we can log onto our server to accept your request.  Since my office is wherever I am with my laptop, I am not sitting in front of my server most of the time.
How much does this service cost to use?  Nothing, nada, zip, zilch etc.  This service is available to anyone and we don’t charge a subscription fee or sign-up fee at all.  Now, we do charge for our time while providing the support, but no setup fees or monthly maintenance fees.  You pay only for what you use.
Thanks for dropping by our Blog and please let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you by your comments posted on this site.