It’s that time of year where some of you have recently purchased or are about to purchase a new computer of some sort.  We get a lot of calls from users who frequently ask questions like…What do I need to look for?
It is pretty difficult to answer that question without first asking you a bunch of questions:
  1. Who will be using it?
  2. What will they be using it for?
  3. Is the data, i.e. documents, spreadsheets, family photos, music etc., absolutely critical?
  4. What budget are you working with?
And your answers to the above questions will generate additional questions.
So, what do you need to know before plunking down your hard-earned dollars for a new PC, Notebook or Tablet PC?  (A tablet PC is like a notebook, but you can lay the screen flat on your lap or student desk and hand write your notes during a lecture and save them or have them converted into text!  It works just like a notepad but it’s electronic, which means you can save your notes and diagrams and print them or turn them into type-written text.)
There is a lot more to this than there used to be.  For example did you know that Intel’s newest line of chips does not follow the old "Pentium" naming system?  That’s right.  The Pentium IV was the last of that line.  Now you have to know about "Core Solo" and "Core Duo."  And, the processor speed can be deceiving too.
A Core Duo running at 1.5 GHz is faster than a Core Solo running at 1.6 GHz.
Memory is a big big factor as well.  Ideally go for a machine with as much memory as you can afford.  In fact, it would be better to have a smaller faster hard drive and more memory. 
My personal laptop has a faster than average hard drive, a huge amount of memory…for a laptop, and a smaller hard drive.  Yet with the 60GB drive I use, I have literally thousands upon thousands of files, including music, photos and videos and I still have plenty of room.
Does all of this stuff confuse you?  Don’t listen to your kids!  They’ll have you buying a gaming machine and spending more than you really need to.  Talk to a professional!  The "kids" in the computer stores frequently try to sell you something you don’t need too.
We are a Dell Value Added Reseller and can custom configure a PC to suit your needs and usually get it for you cheaper than you can buy from Dell directly!
Or if you prefer, we can accompany you to Office Depot or Staples and assist you in your buying.
We’re here to help!