Well, even The Head Computer Guy himself has limitations.  I hope you like the new look of our Monthly Tips and Tricks.  With all the new Internet Security Systems we had to find a way to still get our legitimate email through all the gate-keepers.  So, we have subscribed to a service called Constant Contact and have hired Coolwater Communications, a locally owned and operated company, to take care of actually producing our e-Newsletter.  I believe Kathleen Hensley has done a great job on this first issue.


Technically this is the third “article” for this month’s tips and tricks but I know it isn’t really a Tip or a Trick, unless you count the fact that I provided the name of a company that can take care of your business communications needs and a company that offers a great e-newsletter mailing service.


Anyway, thanks for reading and please feel free to post any comments or questions on our blog.  We’ll be happy to respond to them.




P.S. Feel free to peruse the rest of my blog and join in the discussion.




2 thoughts on “New Look of Monthly Tips and Tricks

  1. Dennis… Big Fan of the new look on your MSN Spaces… nice touch… Can you provide a link to this CoolWater Communications place??? I’d like to look into it.  Thanks.

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