Friday night I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I felt this overwhelming need to get up and finish a project I had been hired to do and it isn’t actually due until the last week of June.  I couldn’t shake this feeling so I got up and worked on it


I now believe God compelled me to hurry and finish this project. I am not kidding. Friday night while laying in bed trying to go to sleep I felt "compelled" to get up and finish the project. I stayed up until 12:15 working on it and couldn’t stay awake any longer. God made me get back up at 5:15 that morning to finish it up and only He can wake me up that early in the day!

I commented to my wife several times about how I could not shake this overwhelming feeling that I needed to finish it. It dawned on me that it might be God, but I couldn’t see how it was a "spiritual" issue. I simply looked at this as a business project. God’s ways are truly marvelous.


I received a phone call from friend this morning to let me know the person who hired me for this project had called him and was concerned about the cost.


I truly believe God knew his concerns and laid it on my heart to "get it done" so that his mind could rest at ease.


I called him this morning and left a message to reassure him and also sent email to let him know.


God’s ways are so marvelous!