Well, I posted some pics of my "customized" Buick Park Ave today.  Ain’t she purty?
Filed a lawsuit today against the other person and their insurance company.  Asking for $5,000 plus reasonable expenses etc.  Taking it to District Court. 
I got home before Paula last night and the "girls" sat at the back door for over an hour waiting for her to get home.  Took a couple of pics to get their pitiable faces! 
It certainly has been an interesting couple of weeks.

One thought on “A few musings…

  1. Well,
    I personally like the front end modifications you did! I still feel very strongly that the guy’s at "Pimp My Ride," could do a serious hook up, and have you rolling in style in no time. Maybe as a special treat, we could get them to toss in some hydraulics? Now that would be cool!!!!!

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