Well, I must say I’ve never experienced anything quite like I did today.
I was delivering a PC back to a customer at their residence.  I knew they had a guard dog but last time they locked him in a room while I was there.  This time, he got away from the owner before either of us had a chance to respond.
Fortunately my reflexes are still good enough I was able to jump back and get my arm up to protect my neck and face!  All he managed to do was put a small tear in my coat. 
The owner is insisting on buying me a new coat!  Guess I’ll go shopping this afternoon.
In view of this I changed my Quote of the Day and display picture on my MSN Messenger account.
Just another day in the life of The Computer Guy!
Quote for the day:  Don’t byte the hand that fixes your PC!
Dennis "Twice Bitten Once Shy" Wilson