I continue to be amazed, and frustrated, by the continued….I am trying to be nice, but the only word that comes to mind is "ignorance" of so many gullible Internet users.   I mean really, do you seriously think that Microsoft would pay $245 to you for everyone you forward an email to?  Come on.  Even Bill Gates doesn’t have that much money!
And there are soooo many others!
Let’s have a test.  Which of the following items do you believe to be true:
  1. Coca-Cola halted production of its flagship beverage in 1985 and introduced New Coke in its place as a marketing ploy to combat declining market share and rekindle interest in the original drink.
  2. Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide.
  3. Combining Coca-Cola and aspirin will get you high.
  4. Coca-Cola was once considered anti-Semitic for refusing to do business in Israel.
  5. Parents of children born between 1980 and 1991 are entitled to a $1400 settlement from Enfamil and Similac.
  6. Atheists are petitioning the FCC to get religious broadcasting banned from American airwaves.
  7. Youngest human female to give birth was five years old.

All of the above items are false, except one, yet Internet users continue to forward these kinds of things to everyone they know.  Do you know which one is true?

There are hundreds more like this.  Please stop and think before you hit your "Forward" button.  Go to http://www.snopes.com and check it out before you hit forward.  And, please do this all the time.

Please leave your comments for all to see. I’d like to know what others think.  Oh, and send a link to this blog to everyone you know! 



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