Well, the wedding ceremony is over!

My baby girl, who happens to be 25, is now Mrs. James Warnock!  Wow, that seems a little strange.

I’ve attached a pic of the happy couple.  (This was pre-wedding.)  I don’t have wedding pics yet.  This pic was on their wedding program.

Man, you talk about mixed feelings! 

I had been concerned about crying like a baby, especially since I was the one performing the ceremony, but I asked God for strength and He granted me strength to make it through the entire ceremony without shedding one tear!

However, the reception was a little different.  I started crying during their first dance as husband and wife and then bawled like a baby during the father daughter dance.   

Paula made the mistake of going into her old bedroom Saturday night and started bawling which then got me going again!

This was much much tougher than when our son got married two years ago.

More later after pics are ready.